Music Shows

Musically, the format that is K.E.K.A. 101 Country is Classic Country Hits. What this means is that K.E.K.A. plays country music that you know, love and can sing along with. We play the HITS from the singers who are country music. It’s country music’s biggest songs and artists from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. … Another way to put it is that this is the music that you want to hear but that most country music radio stations don’t play. We are country music. Pure country music.

There are also music features throughout the week like “Lunch With An Attitude” where we highlight one singer or group and share some of their history and story. We have “Friday’s at 5pm” when we kick up the tempo a bit for that final drive home at the end of the week. But whenever you tune in to K.E.K.A., you’re guaranteed to hear great country music hits.


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