ESPN Broadcast

Dear San Francisco Giants fans,

Congratulations on your team making it to the World Series again this year. Wouldn’t it be grand to be World Champions two out of three years!

I wanted to explain why KEKA 101 County is not able to broadcast the games with John Miller, Dave Flemming and Kruk and Kuip doing the announcing. Believe me, this is not what we want to do. However, Major League Baseball has contracts with ESPN for the radio broadcast rights of the World Series.

As an affiliate of the Giants, our radio contract allows us to broadcast the Cactus League games, the entire regular season and the post-season games up to the World Series. At that point, KNBR is not legally permitted to provide KEKA the “local” broadcast (for us it’s Miller, Fleming, Kruk and Kuip).

It’s frustrating for us not to be able to offer to you the same caliber of play-by-play with “our guys” in the broadcast booth, too. But I hope this provides you the background information to understand why the play-by-play you hear isn’t what you hear the rest of the season.


Brian Papstein

General Manager
KEKA 101.5 FM

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